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Sen no Rikyu 

Japanese sado, or "tea ceremony" is now known worldwide. It was Sen no Rikyu who changed drinking tea into an art.

Born in Sakai as a son of a rich merchant, he studied under a tea master, not only about tea ceremony but also waka and zen, both of which he believed would help him to create peace of mind.

In his late 40s, Rikyu became Oda Nobunaga's tea master. As Nobunaga died during the Honno-ji Incident, Rikyo started working for the new leader, Tototomi Hideyoshi.

After several years, however, Rikyu began to notice his minimalistic idea was quite different from Hideyoshi's penchant for expensive things. Also Rikyu's idea of ichigo ichie or "Enjoy every meeting with a new person" didn't match with Hideyoshi's idea of "Make money from every new person you meet."

Soon Rikyu started to oppose Hideyoshi's ideas. The samura lord didn't like this, and in 1591, he ordered Rikyu to kill himself by seppuku.

Rikyu was a tea master who is famous fro developing sado. It is also true that he was a well-respected person in his time.