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The Japan Times ST dated June 9 carried in center spread an article with a title: From rubber ducks to sausages, Luthermania sweeps German Town,

Germany commemorates the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the seismic theological shift that started by Martin Luther.

Born in Eisleben on Nov. 11, 1483, Luther moved to Wittenberg in 1511. He then married Katharina von Bora, became a father of six children and published his ideas attacking papal abuses. The theologian, who died in 1546, argued Christians could not buy or earn their way into heaven.

Tourists are flooding into this "Luthern town", where they buy souvenirs bearing his name. "We are very happily celebrating the Reformation, but it should perhaps not be so kitschy," said a German retiree, who was visiting on a day trip.

kitsch: things (such as movies or works of art) that are low quality and that many people find amusing and enjoyable.