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The Japan Times dated May 9 ran an article in Business, with a headline: Researchers seek better ways to farm popular fish.

At a federal marine research station near Seattle, scientists are studying sablefish genetics and investigating ways to make it easier and more efficient to commercially grow the fish.

People are consuming more fish than in previous decades, with average worldwide per capita consumption hitting 20 kg a year. Given the trend, aquaculture can relieve pressure on fishing populations and promote economic growth.

Sablefish, also known as black cod, are long-lived species that is native to the Northeast Pacific Ocean and highly valued in Asia for its beneficial nutrients and delicate flavor.

The fish are grilled, smoked, poached, roasted or served as sushi. Nearly half of the sablefish caught in the United States is exported with a majority going to Japan. 

"Our fear is that science isn't going to stay in the U.S., and it will be be exported to a Third World country where people work for a few bucks a day," said a director representing commercial fishermen.