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This is one of the Japanese old tales. The father of the girl mouse wanted her to marry the most powerful one in the world.

He visits the sun, the cloud, the wind and the wall. Then he learns that a mouse is the most powerful in the world.

At the end, the father allows his daughter to marry the boy mouse whom she is in love with.

I would learn this old tale by heart.

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This week, I have tried to learn  "The Elves and the Shoemaker" by heart. 

It is the story about a poor shoemaker who get help from two elves. They creep into  the shop and stitch fine pairs of shoes during the night. 

To thank them, the shoemaker and his wife make tiny clothes for them. The elves are overjoyed and dance away into the night. 

The shoemaker can make fine shoes, so he and his wife are never poor again. 

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On many a street corner, often under a shade tree, stood what looked like a doll-house on stilts. Inside was a rotund clay pot covered by a triangle of woven leavers. The pot held drinking water.


   It was part of a tradition of meritorious acts embedded in Myanmar’s Buddhist-majority culture, with the pots refilled by retirees, housewives or anyone looking for karmic credit for a good deed.


   “They are not used to the taste from clay pots,” he said. “They think it tastes like dirt.”

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If there is a cliche about Germans which sticks, it is that we are obsessed with our clothes' practicality. And this is quite true.

Germans, as a rule, love clothes that protect them--- from rain, snow, dirt or wind. Their shoes must be durable, even though they are just using them in the city and do not plan on climbing a mountain or making their way through muddy fields and woods.

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Approaching Bolzono toward the end of my hike, I deviated once again from the official trail. Instead of staying high up on the slopes above the town, I decided to walk through the gorgeous vineyards that cover the lower slopes. I do admit it was also a bit of a shortcut. When I finally reached the beautiful market square of Bolzano, I felt exhilarated--- not very tired, but sill quite proud of myself.

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